Holistic Human



Healthy lifestyle habits are becoming the normal way of life and the perceptions of healthy living are shifting beyond just physical health & the healthy food to represent a much more holistic view where mental & emotional well-being and broader lifestyle issues are seen as a whole entity. Holistic Home represents the philosophy of living consciously in connection with the space surrounding you and yourself. It offers members access to a Holistic lifestyle to support their health regeneration throughout their daily activities providing them with devices, methods and tips to harmonize their Mind, Body & Soul within the comfort of their own home. Application

An intuitive personalized lifestyle App that offers a path to happiness through instant access to holistic lifestyle plan created by HOLISTIC & the acclaimed doctor behind the brand: Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva. A Holistic program accompanying the user at all times to detect, track and guide them in managing their daily activities & food intake, in sync with the biorhythm of nature. The development of this app will also include listing of Holistic Hotels & Restaurants available and accessible to members.

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