Holistic Cusine

Nourish with your wholism!

Holistic Cusine

a holistic experience like no other, helps in
regenerating health & restoring vitality; A special menu designed by a Holistic Doctor!

Holistic Cuisine is all about dining out as a delicious part of your Holistic lifestyle -whether it is a date night, family night with the kids, a business lunch, or while you're travelling for fun or work.

Holistic Cuisine is a Consulting company, which selects, teaches, certifies and audits restaurants to provide Holistic meals to its customers as a part of their regular menus.

Holistic set menus, which are designed and developed by a Holistic Doctor

We share the knowledge on how to best cook and combine certain foods and ingredients to leave people feeling energized, satisfied and glowing.

We infuse our know-how with your concept and create an unforgettable experience.

Holistic Cuisine is designed to regenerate health, restore vitality and harmonise your life. How we choose our food, how we prepare it, cook it, and eat it, is just as important - if not more important than what we eat.

Holistic Cuisine is a part of a lifestyle that presents you a healthy, natural way of eating based on ancient wisdom. It is about how you cook and the energy and love that is put into your food. This is what will enhance your favourite recipes, without interfering with them. 'Let food be your medicine, not medicine become your food!"

A Holistic Lifestyle, not a Diet

Ancient traditions like Ayurveda or Chinese medicine have helped maintain health for more than 15,000 years. The solution is in a style of life rather than a diet. Originally, diets were designed for sick people, those in hospitals, after an operation or treatment. Instead, people now restrict themselves and follow diets as their regular food . In order to support health, happiness and success, what we actually need is a lifestyle, not a diet. Since we all come from different backgrounds with our own unique taste buds, the Holistic cuisine does not limit you. Instead it is about enjoying the process of nourishing your body. Through food we recreate ourselves. If you consider food as a restriction, you restrict yourself. Food acts on you, so how you eat effects how you accept your food.

"Diets are a dogma & restricts us
When we restrict, we fight with ourselves.

Life is full of possibilities, enjoy it to the fullest."

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Our specialities

Holistic Cusines

Holistic Restaurant Certification

Dr. Ludmila together with her Holistic Chef have a deep understanding and knowledge on how to best cook and combine certain foods and ingredients to leave people feeling energized, satisfied and glowing. We infuse our knowledge with your concept and create an unforgettable experience without altering your recipes.

Holistic Chef Training

We have worked with one of the leading five Star Chefs today to create an art of cooking that nourishes your body. We offer a training in Holistic cooking for you or your personal Chef.

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