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A carefully selected network of hotels offers an innovative, individually customized Holistic Lifestyle program for those looking to heal their body, revitalize their mind and health, and attune their energy and intuition, all within the comfort of one place.

Whether it is your physical, mental or spiritual well-being that needs attention, our transformative healing hotels will help restore you to optimal health and wellness. Focusing on treating the person as a whole and promoting overall wellness, these healing hotels will regain balance and renew your energy. Return home after indulging in a series of healing treatments and wellness activities tailored to your needs, having revived and boosted your well-being.

The health benefits of health retreats?

There are many health benefits of health retreats. Firstly, there is no better place for alleviating stress; there is an enormous range of programmes, from yoga, to massage to vigorous workouts, all designed to relieve tension and help you look and feel better. Various fitness classes, which you can choose based on your preference, ensure you leave in better shape than when you arrived. Health retreats emphasise and ensure a healthy diet, which improves your body internally and helps you to lose weight. Health retreats also give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people, who are on similar journeys to improve their minds and bodies. So, as well as improving your health, you can also make new friends while you do it.

How holistic healing benefits you?

Holistic healing leaves no stone left unturned when it comes to ensuring every part of your body is positively affected. Incorporating ancient, alternative therapies with modern medicine gives practitioners the opportunity to utilise all the very best methods to improve your wellness. Holistic healing also provides the perfect balance of health, between emotional and mental health and physical health. This makes your body tougher in dealing with illnesses and improves your state of mind when dealing with challenges. Most techniques are not newly developed having been used throughout ancient Asian and Indian history. The term holistic healing is used to describe a list of alternative medical therapies that include Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, colour therapy, cupping, Reiki, Osteopathy, colonics, chiropractic, Kinesiology, flower essences, gem therapy, reflexology, herbalism, Chinese medicine and many more. Holistic practitioners use a variety of treatments and techniques to assist their patients to take responsibility for their own health and for them to achieve overall wellness. These techniques may include patient education on lifestyle and self-care on topics such as exercise, relationships and counselling; complimentary alternative holistic therapies; and western medication and surgical procedures.

With the many different therapies and treatments to consider, we've added a collection of wellness retreats that will assist you in choosing the right holistic healing therapy for you. Whether you're new to alternative therapies or an experienced holistic healing patient, there are many fantastic options for you to regain your optimal health and restore your well being.

Holistic Hotel offers

a fully integrated program to support Health regeneration allowing guests
to experience a truly Holistic care experience.



Through the Holistic Stay Program, a carefully picked network of hotels will be able to offer an innovative and bespoke Holistic Lifestyle within a controlled environment for those looking to heal their body, and to revitalize their mind and health, and attune their energy and intuition, all within the comfort of one place

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