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Lymph - pure water in our body

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The lymphatic system – one of the most complex and cleverly arranged systems of the person. This is a system output of poisons from the body, especially bacterial and fungal toxins, parasitic protozoa. Almost from the system depends on a person’s immunity and immunity – is Life! Since the lymphatic system we call the most indecent manner – and with it the need to apply only “to you”!

The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels, capillaries and interstitial fluid. She goes, “bottom-up” and never in the reverse order! That is with the fingertips – and to thoracic duct. Lymph in the form of interstitial fluid, like water in a stream, washed by every cell in our body, and then through the lymphatic vessels, river enters the lymph nodes. Coming out of the lymph nodes and merging with each other, lymph vessels form the main lymph ducts from which the lymph again enters the bloodstream. In the blood and liver completed decontamination processes started in the lymph nodes.

A key place in the lymphatic system is occupied units. Lymph nodes – a sewage treatment plant of the whole organism. In our body daily naturally dies of about 1 billion cells of the immune system simultaneously destroy viruses and bacteria, and from food, water and air penetrate unwanted toxic substances. All this is partially neutralized in the lymph nodes. At the exit of the lymph nodes appears already purified.

The lymph node cells and antibodies are produced to protect against infection.
Lymph nodes help to promote uniform lymph vessels, facilitating entry into the tissues of the internal organs of nutrients necessary for cell activity.
In other words, the lymphatic system is responsible for transport and clean internal environment.

It is easy to imagine what happens when the cleaning system fails. All wastes cells rush through additional ways, such as skin. As a result, there may be acne worse complexion and overall skin condition. Suddenly appearing on the skin redness and pigment spots can also be consequences malfunction of the lymphatic system.

If any of the lymphatic system to 83% of harmful substances accumulate in the intercellular space, and as a result of pollution generated lymphatic channel – limfotoksikoz. This increases the pressure on all the organs of elimination and detoxification of the liver, intestines and kidneys. It turns out that the purity of the internal environment of the body is directly linked to the network of lymph vessels.

To all of these factors are not toxic damage cells, requires a constant outflow of interstitial fluid, or drainage. How to help the lymphatic system to cope with ever increasing flow of toxic substances our bodies?

Points lymph cleansing
The lymphatic system – the only system except the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, which is the release of mucosal out!
This is quite a unique phenomenon, because the skin there is nothing we can not throw away! Ejection poisons can only mucosal because they do not have a solid dead epidermal barrier.
So, the first foothold lymphatic evacuation – the first landing of corpses out of bacteria – the vagina (in women) and the urethra (men)!
Once the body is something horrible – just a “something” here and found: it begins at the bottom of uncomfortable condition, pain, cramps, and so on.
The second beachhead – the intestine, through it releases massive amounts of poisons! Lymph nodes, intestines open into the thousands – so they allocate all this!
The third staging area – a sweat glands, especially in the armpits. One simply has to sweat – all poisons (hormones, toxic poisons) displays the body through the skin.
The fourth foothold – the nose, through it appears the principal amount of droplet infection. Adenoides cut – killed a protective boundary!
Fifth bridgehead – the amygdala. Constantly swollen, prevented – cut off and buried another defensive line!
Sixth bridgehead – the larynx – a laryngitis.
Seventh staging area – trachea – the development of tracheitis.
The eighth staging area – the bronchi – the development of bronchitis.
Ninth bridgehead – light – the development of pneumonia.

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