Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva

Founder of The Holistic Healing Approach in Medicine
Founder of Holistic Healing Medical Centre


Among the patients of Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva (MD, Ph.D, Homeopath) are members of royal families, celebrities, Forbes list individuals, heads of world corporations, government representatives and famous athletes.

But that is not only what is special about her, how many of you know of a medical doctor who turned Holistic? And how amazing is it to have the knowledge of both Ancient Wisdom and Western Science!

Dr. Ludmila was the first medical doctor to initiate the law & regulation for Homeopathic medicine in Ukraine & the United Arab Emirates to become part of the government’s medical system. Homeopathy existed earlier on, however was never acknowledged by Medical doctors or by any government as a part of the medical practice or by the health authorities.

Dr. Ludmila saw the cracks in modern medicine early on in her life, and in her approach to healing she considers life as energy and looks at the human as a whole!

With her unique approach, Dr. Ludmila doesn’t cure disease but restores health. Patients of her center visit her after all other doors have been closed for them, they come eager to get rid of their disease and they start to actually thrive within several weeks of Holistic Healing treatments.

This has been evident through many successful stories over the past 30 years with cases of diabetes, Crohn’s disease, IBS, Multiple Sclerosis, allergies, Athma, and many more.

When she opened her clinic in the UAE in 1998, Dr. Ludmila hoped that only healthy people would walk through the doors of her centre, for she had dedicated her life and changed her career path to maintain the health of people not the sick!

Unfortunately many are sick, and even when Dr. Ludmila takes on the various cases, she works on restoring their health, to strengthen the body so it does its own function and fight the disease.

The secret to her success lies in Dr. Ludmila’s own Holistic Lifestyle approach, there is no doubt that the current lifestyle adopted by many people support the development of sickness not health!

To heal people from sickness is not difficult but to change people’s mindset about health is! And that is the key to restore health, to be conscious!

Dr. Ludmila developed the manual for health & happiness; Holistic Lifestyle, and her mission today is to spread it outside of her medical centre to reach everyone and to be adapted by governments around the world as a tool for consciousness!

The manual is now being developed as smart mobile app to guide people to maintain their health and live happily. Holistic lifestyle is the solution for human’s evolution.


Holistic Medicine is a unique combination of western science and eastern wisdom. Dr. Ludmila has undertaken over 30 years of continued research that has been established at the Holistic Healing Medical Centre in Dubai. She initiated the laws and regulations in Ukraine, Russia and the UAE for Traditional Medicine to become recognized and practiced. Being the first Medical Doctor licensed as a Homeopath in the UAE and Ukraine, she continues to contribute pioneering research, findings and ideas to the medical and health community.

If you cut your hair does it grow back? If you cut your nails do they grow back? If you cut your skin does it heal? What does time mean? It means you have healing powder inside you but you don’t know how to use it. We enter this world as a small single cell that magni es into 7 trillion cells by the time we are 5 years old. is is only possible through the process and law of homeostasis. ‘Homeo’ means same and ‘Stasis’ means equilibrium; it is the stable balance of an organism and its bodily functions. In order to restore homeostasis, humans need energy in the form of food and other nourishment. We transform these components of life into energy in order to live our daily lives. We breath, we assimilate and we release. Our cells operate in the same three stages; integration, function and elimination. ey interconnect with each other, function with information signals and regenerate regularly. Homeostasis and health require a balance that is rooted in equilibrium and requires constant adjustment and maintenance.

Have you considered how the science of modern medicine works? Do you ever ask yourself when it is time to turn to eastern wisdom? Allo means opposite and pathic means disease, sickness or pathology. e meaning of the word ‘Allopathic’ describes its very nature; it is based on the law of opposites, ghting against disease, repressing or opposing it. e invention of antibiotics, antihistamines, antidepressants or antioxidants follow the same intention: being ‘anti’ or against the body in order to destroy pathogens, suppress symptoms and control our biology. At the same time, the advancement of technology has brought about extremely powerful tools that have proven exceptional for emergency situations like broken bones, burns, the loss of consciousness or other life saving conditions. However, when approaching chronic illnesses that manifest in the entire body, its method suppresses symptoms, views it in its separate parts and lacks in understanding that everything is connected. e law of integration or the law of life on the other hand, studies alive units and embraces the interconnectivity of the human body.

Unlike modern medicine that has only existed for 100 years, eastern wisdom is rooted in centuries of collected knowledge. Eastern medicine has long been described as “alternative” medicine. But really this art of healing the body is as natural as it gets. It uses the power of nature to work on the body’s inner healing mechanism, eliminate toxins and re-balance stagnated energy. Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture or Energy Medicine are all incredible mediums to healing the body. However the greatest art lies in uniting this incredibly advanced western science with the most powerful elements of traditional wisdom to create Holistic Medicine. With the understanding of multiplicity, this approach views our being as a united system that is integrated in existence. Don’t you agree that there lies little sense in treating only individual symptoms or the separate units of our human body, when all our parts must work in union with each other for us to be a whole functioning form of life.


We are a Holistic Organization established in Dubai for over 20 years, started with a Holistic Healing Medical Centre that caters to UAE's residents and international visitors, for their health & wellbeing. Holistic, was established following the increasing demand for solutions for a better and more in-harmony living & self development.

We offer our clients innovative & powerful tools to achieve: HEALTH, HAPPINESS & HARMONY Embracing technology, we have introduced many tools and services to create awareness of holistic lifestyle choices and to integrate them for easy everyday use.

We customize the tools that are best suitable for your organization’s needs, according to the latest proven to be beneficial Holistic High-Technology

Holistic was founded on the principles developed by the Holistic Healing Medical Center and Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva. A leader in holistic healthcare in Dubai for over 20 years, Dr. Ludmila has revolutionized the concept of holistic health focusing on disease prevention and health maintenance utilizing the most sophisticated diagnostic technology available to heal at the cellular level.

Her extensive experience and knowledge of healing, uniting the best that modern and traditional medicine has to offer, continues to attract the attention of savvy health conscious patients from around the world. The clinic along with Dr. Ludmila, a renowned team of leading physicians and trained registered nurses assist in the healing process.

From its inception in 1992, the Holistic Healing Medical Center has been a center of excellence in holistic healthcare in Dubai. As a pioneer in holistic health, the medical clinic has developed the concept of integrated everyday health and lifestyle traditions. The popularity and success of the concept has transformed the industry and paved the way for the growing market of health maintenance and disease prevention.

The increasing demand for maintaining & improving health has led to rapid expansion and growth of the centre, leveraging Dr. Ludmila’s knowledge of science & western medicine and the intuitive insight with eastern wisdom to create a 360-degree Holistic Lifestyle approach and a unique & powerful healing system.

As a result, Holistic was established in 2016 as part of the corporate expansion and brand development, focusing on regeneration and restoration of Health of every individual through its newly added sectors Holistic Hotel, Holistic Cuisine & Holistic Home.

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