Creative work of Sonya Shatalova, a girl with autism

Reciting a poem of this amazing girl cried even national artist of Russia Yevgeny Simonov. Usually, the first time getting acquainted with the work of Sonia, people think that the author — adult. And much surprised as the 13-year-old girl could write: "What makes go into immortality Tiny particles of existence? They are separated by the stars and centuries, And with them, I disappear. But disappearing in the universal book I leave a clear line. And in every atom and every Mige Between me and eternity bridged. " Amazing and aphorisms Sony. For example. Soul — is a void in the person who fills it God or Satan. Cat — a symbol of comfortable independence. Wisdom — a measure between "small" and "many." Necessary — will stick to. Story — longing for a miracle. Laughter — the doctor for a sad soul. Smile — password goodwill. Thought — the most powerful force after love in the world. These and other aphorisms Sonya wrote in the 8-10-year-old. She saw the world from a child differently than most children. Sonya — autistic, which literally translated from Latin means "self-absorbed." This mental state of the person is not solved by specialists. Autism was first described in the mid-Western psychologists XX century. Some found it a misfortune, others saw in autistic originality of thinking, which can lead to significant achievements. Past were right: for example, almost a quarter of the programmers in the corporation "Microsoft" — autism. True, this disease has a gradation from mild to severe. Sonya — heavy. At 8 years old, when she has already written aphorisms and poems, she could sit at the table with a bowl of soup, crying from hunger. The fact is that autism is characterized by emotional and volitional disorders. Sony had to give mom daughter team, Take a spoon, scoop out the soup, bring in your mouth. Sonia frightened of strangers. A trip on public transport makes her shock, she was on the bus would cry out. The situation is complicated by the fact that Sonia did not speak. However, parents were fighting for the child, were taken to school by teachers. "In seven years, a miracle happened — says" AIF "her mother, Eugenia. — I had to hand Sony captions for pictures, but Sonya stopped my movement and began to write itself. I just helped her to hold a pen. Over time, the daughter was found congenital literacy ". Better than in Hollywood Such miracles — not uncommon for autism. In a creative team with Sonia trained boy Leon. At 2.5 years of Leon had read, and in 5 years in the mind of extracting cube roots of numbers — the operation that an adult will be mastered only with the calculator. The external Lenya could produce very strange experience — walking down the street and clapped his hands, talking to himself. If you stumble, then he had to come back and walk part of the way again. He could even do it on a busy highway, causing a couple of times almost hit by a car. As there is not remember Oscar-winning film "Rain Man," where Dustin Hoffman played an autistic. His character is well controlled with the world of numbers, much better than real life, which is why his parents sent him to the hospital. Leni parents their child is not hidden, but as they could — with yourself and psychologists — have tried to help them integrate into society. And achieved phenomenal success. Leon perfectly finished school. In the 11 th grade, became a winner of the All in mathematics, so he entered the Faculty of Mathematics and budgetary department of one of the best universities in Moscow. "The Institute has great people. They understand that it is sometimes difficult to Lena, and support him — says "AIF" his mother Alla. — Now his son was 20, he had grown a beard, but, going to college, maybe as a kid, jumping, clapping his hands, muttering under his breath. " Tablets from autism does not exist. It is important complex sessions with experts who have dedicated themselves to this mysterious illness. Fortunately, they are in Moscow. For example, an expert on right somatosensorike found Sonya so-called fields of perception and concluded that the school teacher should approach a girl necessarily the side, to give books and notebooks are also on the side. And if the information falls within the autistic perception, he remembers it all. Even after years of autistic can recall in detail a specific page once read a book. Sonia is 10 years shocked parents, describing his near-death experience that she suffered at the age of 6 days! She never talked about the event, but the memory of Sonia uniquely preserved the information it and set out on two pages. Sun glare Sonya from childhood a very clear outlook. At 8 years old, she wrote: "Why do people live? God to everyone, when sending to the world, said: "Work hard, and honor me with their deeds." I think for me it's poetry. Impossible for me not to write them, or I shall die of pain, bursting from the pressure of the words in my head. " Mother Sonia said: "In baptism daughter — Sofia. She — a religious person, but to serve in the church is rare — it is very difficult to move large crowds. Only in the summer at a camp for families with "special" children in the village Davydovo Yaroslavl region, Sonia is free to go to church — there is all their own. But at home in our small town near Moscow, peers in the street may show Sonya finger, laugh, and adults — to shake his head in pity … In one of the temples, where at that time was Sophia, father in his sermon devoted to sin condemned neighbor have at her daughter and said, "That you think it can only mumble and behave strangely? But you do not know, but suddenly under this shell hidden great wealth? ". When we met with Sonia, I wanted her to sign for me to digest, which include her poems. But instead of a poet passionately winded finger thread. Then she shook in his chair, like a pendulum, and then she had to go to class. But I knew that maybe in the evening or a day or a week, and Sonia will describe our meeting. She understands the impression made on others. "Dumb, clumsy, From the world behind a wall. Called autism Damn my illness " — she wrote in 9 years. Why she behaves? Judging by her poems and essays, Sonia herself is suffering: "I live in a few realities simultaneously and continuously. And the connection to everyday reality have the weakest, the most weak in the body level. " A 14 years old girl gave his own definition mysterious autism, "This is life, not ever, and at the same time everywhere and always." She understands that many children with similar disease parents donated to the state. Some, thinking that Sonya — who understand nothing, "vegetable", right in front of the girl told her mother: "Why are you a daughter to a boarding not hand over? Though sigh quietly. " Then deduced Sonin hand for Mom lines: "What made the offense, Family holding, like Atlanta sky. " Or: "Why are you so sad at times, So beautifully thoughtful your face? You're so not initially And the smile was sun glare …. " Sonya recently turned 18. She graduated with excellent results for the 11 classes of the regular school program. In the past, and the "problem with the soup." Thanks to the help of experts of its relationship with everyday reality is becoming stronger. Remedial classes are held several times a week. But to get to Moscow from the Moscow region on public transport for her it is a problem. We have to use a taxi. And with the same driver. So Sonia calmer. Each trip — a hole in the budget of a family where the mother is not working, and Sonya as a disabled receives a meager pension. Pope salary is hardly enough for food. And yet — in the country diagnosed with "autism" is placed only for children up to 15 years, and then changed to schizophrenia, which may result in the defeat of all civil rights — a person can not learn, to work, to manage money. Sonia knows it. Reassures himself: "There will be life's storms Tuck me in bed. " Do not be offended, and she thinks the world around us with its rules. On the contrary, wants to save: "For some reason I really need Glass claret sunset In the morning, turn orange. His joy to paint Houses, fences, Crying and tears Wash all the windows and the road. All rubbish life Powerful blood flow Demolish and in your heart burn. And it's not a victim, no, And just to help the lost world. " Dearest wish Sony — talk. Experts believe that this is a chance. God forbid, for then with a vengeance Sonia tells us that what we're without her, probably never would have reflected. Here aphorisms written Sonia: Passion — a passion, when nothing else to do, is not possible unless there is strength. 8 years African — the best scout for night reconnaissance. 10 years BUTTERFLY — main sign of summer happiness. 8 years Wind — air, which does not like to rest. 8 years Free verse — a verse that can not obey the laws of prosody and not feel any worse. 8 years SIN — scab on the soul, which separates man from God. 9 years — Thought or action against the image of God in himself. 9 years CHILDHOOD — rising destiny of human life. 10 years SOUL — is void in the person who fills it God or Satan. 8 years LIFE — a whiff of the generosity of God in His created nature. 8 years INTRODUCTION — meeting different understandings of the world, or even different worlds. 8 years GAME — vzapravdashny ponaroshnost. 8 years IMPROVISATION — imagination with words, sounds and colors to quickly get something new. 8 years BOOK — thing that can save the knowledge and feelings of the people in time. 8 years — A way of talking to a lot of people through time. 8 years Horses — the warm chetyrehkopytnoe happiness. MASK — the face of one expression. 10 years WISDOM — measure between "small" and "many." 10 years MUSEUM — Canned time. 8 years Music — the song of God in human perception — A harmonious combination of sounds and emotions THOUGHT — the most powerful force after love in the world. 8 years — The courage to make out the words of the mind images. 8 years — What separates the world from chaos. 8 years SCIENCE — knowledge based on doubt. 10 years — A system of knowledge, which has no room for faith. 10 years NOVELTY — a phenomenon that to meet him your world is getting richer. 8 years NIGHT — black umbrella with the Stars. 10 years RECREATION — work with pleasure. 8 years OVERCOMING — effort of the soul, in which the mind and body to cope with all sorts of obstacles. 9 years Adventure — an unusual event that something is changing in your world and you. 8 years Birds — God incarnate thought about the song and flight. 8 years ROLE — a life that live in the game. 8 years ROMANCE — the mood, when you see all the usual miracle. 8 years FAIRY TALE — a life that was invented soul when it does not suit her real life. 8 years Brackets — this wall for words in writing. 8 years LAUGHTER — Doctor for a sad soul. 8 years DOG — barking embodiment of loyalty and obedience. 10 years COMPETITION — a joint doing something in order to see who does it better. 8 years HELIX — frozen in a dance line. 10 years TABLE — the area in which life is played out plates and everything else that it is. 8 years SHAME — fire, burning out the sin of the human soul. 9 years FATE — is hard event-border individual's life. 8 years FEAR — agent cowardice — A brake on the way to action ALARM — itchy tickle in the heart in expectation of something unpleasant or incomprehensible FUN — this is when many Gostintsev work wonders with a bad mood. 8 years HURRICANE — crazed wind. 8 years EAR — a trap for the sounds of living beings. 8 years FANTASY — fabric for decoration of the soul. 10 years PHOTOGRAPHY — is preserved image. 10 years MAN — a living being that has intelligence, speech, skilled hands and the ability to decide how to use it all. 8 years HUMANITY — is all men together, when considered as a big man. SKULL — a small ivory box, in the skeleton of the universe which lies 8 years BALL — cube without corners and edges. 10 years ESSAY — emotion, expressed as a thought. 8 years Why do I live Why do you live? Were born here and live? In general, why people live? God to everyone, when sending to the world, says: – Work hard and honor me with your deeds. To understand what these things should be ... I think so, for me it’s poetry, at least for now. I can’t help writing them, or I’ll die of pain, burst out from the pressure of the words in my head. I feel a special, very strange force in the words. It can change the world. I want to master this power to serve God. Perhaps I live for that. 8 years I agree to the wind – Wind in your face, more! Horse’s warm muzzle He puts down on my shoulder. Wind broke my heart – Fell swoop all the garbage – away! I rejoice in the sun and stars And – hello, my friend-night! June 2011 

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