Lymph in the order – thank charge!

In order to purify the lymph need of influencing not only the lymphatic system, but also the liver and intestine.

Our gut envelops a very rich lymphatic network. Through it all runs transport of fat-soluble substances and removing toxins is carried out. The liver is the process of neutralization of active substances brought by lymph.

At malfunction of the intestine and liver intoxication may increase. Consequently, the lymph nodes can not cope with the increasing flow in and out of the system. At the same time in those parts of the body, which “serve” these lymph nodes, lymph stagnation will be formed, accompanied by puffiness.

In 1955, German physician G. Reckeweg formulated the theory of slagging organism. Its essence lies in the fact that the disease – it is a manifestation of the body’s reaction to the effects of different toxins.

Why do those who are paying attention to charging, usually limfosistemy okay? Man has no heart for the lymph system separate, but creates a moving flow of lymph? Here lymphatic vessel, and around him – the muscles. Muscles contract – the lymph is pushed, and it is not passed back to the valves in the lymph vessels. But if the muscle around the vessel is not working, why should the movement of lymph? ..

Terms You Need To Know

First, never let the lymphatic system become clogged with toxins, as over time it zashlakuetsya so that to restore it would be very difficult. If the situation gets out of your control, timely consult a competent specialist.

Second, always keep an eye on the state of small and large intestine, for their full and regular emptying. To do this, follow the diet strictly. It is also helpful to massage the palms of the hands of the central region, where there are many biologically active points associated with the abdominal organs. During emptying helpful to massage the entire intestine.

Third, regularly, at least twice a year, spend limfadrenazhnogo massage sessions – on their own or, if possible, have experienced. If this is not possible, on a regular basis during a visit to the bath or while taking a hot bath stiff brush or sponge with 10 – 15 times the effort to spend with the body in the course of the lymphatic system: the extremities, pelvic, abdominal and chest areas – from the bottom up and from the outside inside; head and neck – from top to bottom and back forward. During self-massage you can use special massage creams, skin rubbing their hands in a circular motion.

Fourth, periodically monitor their weight. When excess weight need to pay attention to the liver and gall bladder, small intestine and colon, be sure to activate the physical movements to enhance the movement of stagnant lymphatic toxins, balance the food intake and the resulting energy consumption, avoid overeating. Remember that the appearance of excess weight – a sure sign of aging.

What not to do

Lymphatic system can not warm, forget quartz for life!

In the lymphatic system can not be put any compression, a massage lymph nodes bypass side: there live white blood cells, and if you do the kiss, will pass counter-flow – you simply destroy …

If you damage the lymph node under the knee – it will swell a lifetime! There is such a disease, such as elephantiasis – lymph flows inside all external procedure does not help! The lymph can be cleaned from the inside, but to make her move can only active movement, muscle contraction – gymnastics.

To the lymph does not stagnate

Do you feel that tired, sitting at work – so stagnant lymph! Who little moves arms and legs (hidden gymnastics for the body) – in fact the muscles contract and there is a movement of lymph.

And that was not hemorrhoids – “jump” just 30 – 50 on the gluteal muscles: this massage the lymphatic collector pelvis. And there is no such massage – is prostatitis, adenoma …

Sex – is also rhythmic and orderly movement, and if it is active, it takes working out of the lymphatic system, profuse sweating …

Massage, Spa and Aromatherapy

To reduce swelling and activation of the movement of lymph effective special form of massage, especially essential oils such as geranium, juniper and rosemary. When the procedure is necessary to spend long, rosemary oil can be replaced by black pepper, and some experts also include birch and patchouli oil.

Massaging should be in the direction from the fingers to the collarbone area, where the lymph enters the subclavian vein. Since this increases the number of lymph massage entering the bloodstream, the amount of fluid released from the body also increases. As a result, after the lymphatic massage is noted increased urination, growing more and due to the fact that the used oil is a diuretic.

This massage can bring even more benefits if we combine it with a bath with the addition of some of the same oils. After the bath should be body massage with a dry brush in the same direction as that of a conventional massage, ie in the direction of the toes to the clavicle. You may need to also cleansing diet.

Contraindications for lymphatic massage is cancer. The lymphatic system – it is the route by which cancer cells can move from one part of the body to another and cause secondary cancers (metastases). Therefore, any procedures that affect the lymphatic system, cancer unacceptable.

Look at yourself!

From the perspective of psychosomatic problems in the lymphatic system – a warning that should refocus on the most important thing in life: love and joy. This reprimand, fine wines and great fear that “not good enough”. Mad race to prove his I – as long as the blood does not remain substance to sustain itself. In this race to ensure that you have received, forget the joy of life.

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