10 Secrets that a man and a woman should know about themselves and about each other...

0. A man and a woman fall in love to solve the outstanding issues of their invisible ancestors.

Mystery number “zero”. It’s always unpleasant for people to hear that their choice of beloved is wrong. Only at the break of relations people are ready to accept that their ancestors are to blame of their sufferings. But they can’t understand why!

When we begin our relations we feel just spiritual sympathy to each other and try to declare ourselves from the best side. Therefore, we do not see any disadvantages of each other. But over time, we reveal to each other…And then sympathy is replaced by denial.

Where does the love go and why do the claims appear? Claims are always based on the unsatisfied necessities. Necessities that lovers can not satisfy for each other is the experience from their paternal families. If the parents, for example, lacked love, attention or respect, their children (our lovers) would need the same.

Information about losses and dissatisfied necessities is written in our DNA. Ancestors passed it to us through blood and experience. You can’t run away from it. You can only realize it, and satisfy those necessities that your ancestors couldn’t.

And for this purpose the beloved is given. But he/ she is such a person who has records about the unsatisfied necessities similar to yours in his/ her DNA. Therefore, after a honeymoon in relations, times of dissatisfaction begin.

Metaphorically speaking, invisible ancestors stand behind the lovers saying, “Well, dear! You had been in love and that’s enough! Now it’s time to deal with our problems!”

Whether the lovers will have enough wisdom to satisfy needs of their ancestors and to begin the happy life depends on how they will be able to solve the problem described in the First Mystery:

1. Problems in relations appear because one of the partners lacks attention from the other.

Our relationships break not because of our complex nature, our habits, or something like that. If we begin giving less attention to each other, it causes negative feelings that can lead to a break.

The ways men and women attract each other’s attention are different.

A man wants to see a feminine form of attention in his woman. He wants her to obey him, accept his arguments. It’s like that a man expects the woman to be always ready for sex with him.

Man needs the woman to listen to him, so he tries to create the situation that will give new impressions.

The man always sets the direction in the relations.

But it depends on a woman whether she will support the man’s initiatives. In fact she can refuse to listen to his offers.

If a woman does not support her man in his enthusiasm for a long time, he gradually stops conquering her attention.

A man who stops engaging a woman in the sphere of the interests, who doesn’t give her new impressions, causes her disappointment…

A woman believes that a man who can’t convince her to listen to him is weak, and the man believes a woman who isn’t involved in his offers is a bitch…

However, if attention and involving existed in the relations of man and woman even for some time, there is connection that lives by itself and that is the Second Mystery..

2. There is a kind of sensual communication between the partners. Even when the relations break this communication remains. And while it exists, partners feel worse or better in turn.

Any emotions, feelings in a relationship arise due to the exchange of energy between the partners. Feelings and emotions are transmitted from one partner to another. We cannot see this channel of energy transfer, but we feel discomfort. When we are in a bad mood, we want support from the partner in the form of a phone call or SMS.

And when your relations break and you learn that your ex-beloved is lucky you feel offense and revenge.

What should you do?

  1. Try not to depend on this connection. Otherwise it will take much of your energy.

  2. After you have realized it, do the following: take away everything that belongs to you from the partner and give him everything that belongs to him through this connection. Thus, the connection will disappear.

  3. Thank your partner for the fact that he was in your life. Make a room for him in your heart.

  4. Do you remember about the Mystery number Zero? Had you satisfied the needs of the ancestors in this relationship? If not, then your next partner will be the same.

If you don’t want the relations come to a gap and sufferings, it is necessary to know about the Third Mystery:

3. A man should be independent from his mother before decides to marry a woman.

The first woman for each man is his mother.

He is attached to her the first twelve years of his life. When he becomes older their communication weakens, but whether it is always torn?

If a mother is a self-sufficient, mature person, she easily releases the son to the world.

She sends her son to his father’s hands. Now the man is responsible for the man. So manhood comes from father to son. But it isn’t always so.

Often a mother doesn’t give freedom to her son, deciding everything for him. And she makes him a loser!

But she doesn’t want to notice it!

Subconsciously she wants to be needed and wanted at least by him, because she feels that she is Nothing. And she grows her son the same.

If a man remains in adulthood in a state of mom’s ward, or of her “psychological husband”, he will have to drink. Only there, in a drinking bout, he will be able to fulfill her parental message: “don’t grow up!”

Men shouldn’t get married while depending on their moms.

Once the man divorces his mother and, unites his wife, there is something that is hidden in the Fourth Mystery:

4. A woman will always want her man to be less manful for no other woman could get him.

Man should always expand his courage, overcome obstacles and open something new.

He should be involved in new things and bring the production of his knowledge at the feet of his woman.

And it makes his manhood grow.

What about his woman? She is that very universe who wishes to be examined by her man. She reveals before him, hides certain secrets, to cause his interest in new knowledge of herself.

And when he wants to start to explore another universe, she first feels confusion and then

offers him the “perfect solution”:


So it deprives him of masculinity, because now he cannot refuse.

So he agrees to stay and slowly he becomes her “son”.

Their sexual relationship finishes, but she achieves her purpose: she will always have a man who will always study and maintain only her universe. What is the way out of this impasse? The Fifth Mystery:

5. A man grows in status only thanks to love of his women. These women are: his mother and his wife. If a man doesn’t grow in his status, so there is no love to him.

In order to grow in status one needs resources and support. Who provides this support? Someone who believes and loves!

When a couple cannot move from their status in a higher rank for a long time it means that the man lacks strength. He needs support.

Only a woman with the power of her faith can give him support, can show him that he is strong and cool.

A man is not stronger than a woman. A man becomes stronger when a woman allows him to feel strong.

Thanks to her love he feels stronger and is able to grow in status, to transfer this status to his woman (or mother).

As soon as a woman stops giving attention and love to her man, his growth in status stops. You can blame a man for lack of growth and money, but the only reason for this is the woman who gives him love.

What love is you’ll find out in the Sixth Mystery:

6. When you love someone, you want to develop your partner.

When one partner isn’t satisfied with the desire of the other for self-development through reading books, visiting trainings and seminars, he just lacks attention. And if he gets a lot of attention, but still continues to prevent the other from self-development, then he doesn’t want the partner’s growth.

Then why are these people together?

Because they both play the roles of a victim and an executor.

The executor doesn’t want to feel pain, so he makes the victim feel miserable.

He is afraid of losing the partner who is trying to self-develop.

But one’s growth cannot be stopped, and then slowly, through the role of executor, tyrant, he/ she begins to pull out the partner’s wounded inner children. A painful process… and it is described in the Seventh Mystery:

7. Man serves his woman with every action, even negative: drunkenness, idleness, beating. Man is the mirror of the woman, which reflects all that she currently does not want to know about herself.

Even in the most difficult relationships, in man and woman serve each other. They are the mirror of what they themselves do not want to admit.

Two are always together, until they have something to give each other. And perhaps they give each other the pain, humiliation, suffering. But they do not divorce. And the only reason is: the story of their ancestors.

Two repeat the history of their ancestors, showing love not to the partner, but to ancestors: grandmother, grandfather, or an aborted child of their mother.

If you don’t divorce someone who does not develop you and makes you suffer, you, thanks to this tyrant, gradually become aware of and begin to pull out those wounded Inner children from yourself that were created during the life of your ancestors.

Sorry, but… it’s so. Thank tyrant, because there is the same story in his/ her family as in yours. That’s why you’re together.

Two are fighting for love, but you can win, only knowing the Eighth Mystery:

8. To harmonize their relations the man should be the winner and the woman should lose to him.

To feel good a woman should afford herself trust the world, accept it, not wanting for changes.

And a man feels great when he stands straight on his feet.

Man is supplied by female energy.

In relationship the woman who loses to the man is always the winner. Her energy is calm and flat. Many people join her territory, and her life becomes more and more diverse.

Such a woman is ready for new growth, which is disclosed in the Ninth Mystery:

9. Man wants to make a Queen of his woman and woman wants to get the King.

A woman needs the man who can teach her to learn herself, to make her feel comfortable with him in all her female statuses: Queen, Mother, Girl and Lover.

That’s why she needs the King, a strong man who had grown up over his childhood fears and calmed down the spirits of his ancestors.

If you want your man to be the King you should give him Royal attention recognize his merits.

The woman feels calm, happiness and abundance with her King.

Each man understands it and to feel as the King, he has to know the Tenth Secret:

10. Woman’s love depends greatly on man’s intonations.

A real man should understand not only words, but feelings of his beloved. He realizes how his intonations can influence his woman.

He needs her Attention for growing in status, but she can reject him scared by his intonations.

And the King makes voice softer, to reach the success faster.

The King gives warmth to his woman and she is always ready to tell him that he is the Man of her dream! Credits to: http://relationshipsvalley.com/10-secrets-that-a-man-and-a-woman-should-know-about-themselves-and-about-each-other/ http://www.markifraimov.ru/?p=1663

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