If you're lucky & its the right time...

January 7, 2017


Those of us who are often experiencing crucial moments in their life, think that the Universe is cruel to them, and their fate is torturing them by sending certain tests, tough circumstances on their way. But it is better to think about the other side of such things, because if you are going through all these tests, then maybe you are worthy of something greater. Perhaps life wants to make sure that you carry the Light into the World, and you have learned not to complain about your destiny, but instead of to rejoice and be grateful for what you have. Maybe you are chosen, and then you will bring something important one day, you will be able to help those people whose life is really difficult. These words below carry very deep wisdom that will help you think about: why Universe is sending those tests. So, think about it…

If you will be lucky, you will be left alone. Quite alone, that no one will be there for you and you will have to look for support of Mother Earth or yourself only.
If you will be lucky and it will be the right time, life will hit you like a nut, so you will feel cracked for getting the core.
If you will be lucky and it will be the right time, you will be hurt. So painfully hurt that this pain will make you almost dead, but only for to be reborn from the inside.
If you'll be lucky, you'll cry. And nothing will be able to stop and hold these tears. And through them, it will come feeling of release, and only then - real life.
If you will be lucky, you will be vulnerable to other people. And you will have no way to hide it. And then you’ll understand who is with you, and who is not.
If you will be lucky, you won’t know any answers to any questions. And then you will have to invent something on your own. 
If you will be lucky, you will be disappointed in people, ideas, teachers and the good wizards. And having gone through it, you will be able to look at the Real World, instead of your illusions.
If you will be lucky and it will be the right time, you will have no one to ask for advice. Literally: NO ONE. And it will be the time to find your own inner compass.
If you will be lucky and it will be the right time, you will find yourself feeling unbearable, so heave unbearable that you will have to do something about it: either just relax or let the world to do something with you.
If you will be lucky, you will lose, will be cheated, will be betrayed and nearly crushed. And that "nearly crushed" will leave printings on your face as wrinkles of your Wisdom. That experience will stay with you for the rest of your life and will be priceless. So please, don’t be ashamed of your aging face!
If you will be lucky, you will not have enough money. So, you will have to enter into a real relation with some people, to whom previously you would just pay “for the service”.
If you will be lucky, you will have a lot of money and you will dive into the depth of despair, when all your money will shatter the illusion that Happiness depends on them.
If you will be lucky, you won’t be loved by everyone and everybody. And you will be in need to set up your internal system of true values. The desire “to please each and every one” will leave you forever and it’ll be for good.
If you will be lucky, someone really closed to you will leave you. And you will learn how to cherish moments of happiness.
If you will be lucky, you will meet your Love, which will turn into the Fight. And you will have to encounter your loved One face to face. You will see: it will be two truths: yours and you loved One’s. And you will suddenly feel vibrated emptiness between two different Universes (two of you), which actually almost never had been merged into each other.
If you will be lucky, you will be able to withstand all of it. You will find the way to transform yourself.

You’ll experience some alchemy, magical transformation which will convert: pain into your inner beauty, anger into humility and patience, fear into achievement and success. You will be able to transform happiness into inspiration. If you will be lucky, you will feel guilt and shame and they will clean your Soul like Janitor sweeps out the old garbage. And your scars will turn to be the doors. Doors to the Real, Beautiful You!!!
If you will be lucky and it will be the right time...


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