Dr. Moustafa Hassan Phd.

Psychophysiology and Emotional Focussed Therapist

Inspiring Minds, Brightening Souls, Warming Hearts and Energizing Bodies - Moustafa's passion is to build up the Mind-Heart-Body connections, and to empower juniors and young adults to be in control of their well-being.

Moustafa earned his Bachelor and Masters degrees of Healthcare Sciences in Clinical Biochemistry, and finished his MBA and Ph.D. focusing on healthcare communication and medico-marketing from the UK. Moustafa started his career in Pfizer Pharmaceutical where he spent 10 years with the regional responsibilities and then launched his multinational healthcare consultancy firm "DMC Healthcare Inc." in 1998, where he used to be the strategic consultant for most of the multinational pharmaceutical companies and healthcare bodies across the globe. He was awarded "Best Healthcare Medico-Marketing Practice - Worldwide" from the US in 2007.

In 2012, Moustafa was inspired to start a new journey in psychophysiology and emotional therapy where he enjoyed his life passion to help people overcoming their healthcare challenges. He finished his latest education/training in the US and Canada where got his latest diplomas and certificates.

Moustafa is a certified/registered Emotional Focused Therapist, Natural Health Care Practitioner, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Bio-electromagnetic, Light & Colour Therapy and Electro-photonic bio-imaging medical practitioner. Moustafa is in good standing as a member of the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, International Society of Emotional Focused Therapy, Board of Natural Medicine Doctors & Practitioners and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. He is the founder and director of EM Clinic (Emotional & Mental Health Clinic) and Royal Academy of Life Sciences in Oakville, Ontario, since 2012. Moustafa volunteers with many disciplines to support juniors with learning challenges, ADD and ADHD.